Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cordelia's Corner

On Friday Cordelia's Corner will be featured at the WTHRA toy trade show. The trade show will be held March 10-13 at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. The hope is that this will give them lots of opportunities to show off their line of products and make contacts. As part of their advertising campaign they've hired me to make a logo and clean up some photographs of girls wearing their dresses. Below is a sampling of what I've been doing for them. In each of these images, I had to do some serious work in Photoshop to get them where they are. Some of the many things I've been doing to these photos includes tearing up sidewalks and planting sod, planting and watering flowers to brighten up the photos, and tearing out the sides of houses and putting up brick where windows used to be. It's hard work being an artist. I should have been a doctor like my mother wanted.

My wife, Deborah, and her sister Rebecca Blake are in the business of designing and making dress up clothes for young girls ages 4-8. The idea to make dress ups originated when the two sisters would get dress up clothes for their girls only to have the dress-ups fall apart in the washing machine after only a few uses. Cordelia's Corner dress ups are mostly machine washable, and are durable enough that most of the dress ups will be worn by their sisters, or cousins after they're through with them. This is why the companies slogan is "Quality products for enthusiastic play". The fact that they're gorgeous, and that the girls love dressing up in them is just a perk.

For more information you can look them up at their website at

Cordelia's Corner. (Click on "Cordelia's Corner" to go to their website and see their amazing line of girls dress-ups.)

Good luck in California ladies. Wow 'em!


Ailene said...

I like the logo! :)

S.T. Lewis said...

Hey, I was in Pomona shortly on Saturday! Too bad this thing wasn't at Denny's or I would have seen it. Looks great, man!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

My youngest daughter would just love those costumes !!

Ken Chandler said...

Thanks guys!
Andrew, the thing about these dresses (as compared to a lot of the other products out there is that these are super durable and will outlast your kids interest in wearing them. As a gift, we got several dresses for my daughter once and they literally fell apart after 3 washings. We were really frustrated-- and that's when my wife and her sister decided to start this company. The dresses cost a bit more (though not much more), and they last a long time. ...and they're gorgeous.

Alikins said...

wow! fabulous! everything from the logo, the photoshop cleanups and the gorgeous play clothes! i will have to make a visit and purchase a few dozen items :) anything in my size you think??? :) heehee