Sunday, January 21, 2007

Toon Club: Duck

Why is it Mad Scientists have unnattractive servants? Perhaps they're more trustworthy. Maybe it's a work ethic thing. At any rate, over at Toon Club, the topic is Duck. Here's my post... for what it's worth.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Ha ha !! Superb !! Reminds me of the UK cartoon Count Duckula,there was a dim witted duck in that cartoon that this looks a little bit like !!

S.T. Lewis said...

Perfectly lovely, in a really hideous way. This would be a great character... in my nightmares. I love it, Ken.

Penelope Crackers said...

What do you mean- unattractive? He's definitely my type of duck. :) I really like this drawing! It's very Halloweeny. (Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Can't tell you how that made my day! -Does your wife have a blog?)

Ken Chandler said...

Thanks Andrew, never saw the cartoon, but sounds funny-- a vampire duck. HA!

You must have cool nightmares. Thanks Shane!

You have an odd sense of what's attractive Penelope :) -- but I appreciate that-- diversity in all things you know.

You're very welcome. Deb's (my wifes) website is a business. She and her sister make and sell children's dress-up clothes (fairy & princess costumes), please feel free to take a look.

They're on their way to becoming too big for their britches, or skirts. They've drawn attention from some serious corporations that want in on their act. We'll see how it goes.