Friday, March 24, 2006

Lessons Learned... or Not.

As a kid I remember going to a neighbor's house with a buddy of mine (I think I was in 2nd Grade, my friend was about 4 yrs. old). I'd convinced him and myself that the neighboors' dog was nice and that we could pet him and not be eaten alive. As it turns out, I was wrong.

I approached the dog who just sat there looking me with unreadable eyes (he was looking me nearly in the eye as I recall). As my hand got to a place just over his muzzle he lunged for my armpit and bit hard. The next thing I vaguely remember is getting home and explaining how a dozen man-eating tigers had jumped me while I was innocently playing with my matchbox cars in the back yard. Actually, I told the truth. Not long after getting the whole story my Dad took me back to the neighbors house to appologize to the owner of the dog. It turns out the dog was shy, that's why he gave me a warning bite, instead of eating me like a Truffle. I admit to feeling embarrassed and betrayed, but the experience taught me a valuable lesson. Actually, no it didn't.

This painting was done as a tribute to the dog who didn't kill me
. I'll never forget you pup. (Actually, I think it was a German Shepherd. Oh well. Let that be a lesson to me.)


kiko said...

Hello from Portugal!
Your blog is very cool!
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unknown said...

(mimicking Mount Wannahockaloogie ceremony from "Finding Nemo")



Um... so you had to apologize to the neighbor because the dog bit you? Sounds kind of funny to me... I mean, you didn't terrorize the dog, did you? Oh well...

S.T. Lewis said...

What a cute dog... I'd like to pet it and not be eaten alive.

Ken Chandler said...

Kike, Ailene, Shane,
Thanks for coming to see my stuff. I'm kind've new to this whole Bloggin' thing, but I'll make an effort to post more stuff very soon.

Kike, What's it like in Portugal. I've never been outside the U.S. Maybe someday I'll build a raft out of A.B.C. gum and make my way overseas.

Ailene, I'm sure I learned something that day. I'm not sure what though. I suppose my Dad thought I shouldn't have been on their property making myself available for chewing on. Ha!

Yeah Shane, dogs can be cute when they're not using you for a chew toy. I wonder if I squeeked when he bit me?

unknown said...

Yeah... kind of like... KEN, get your HEAD out of the dog's MOUTH... lol

Dad the Administrator said...

Funny story. Nice doggie!