Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Here's a little something I've been working on in a Character Design class. He's a Butterflump, though he doesn't have a name, yet. I'm still working on that. He is a troubled lad. I think he has a nervous disorder or something. He always looks as though he's about to 'do' something in his shorts... if you get my meaning.

I've had fun creating him and working out some of his emotions on paper. More to come!


Seth Hippen said...

So that's what a butterflump looks like! Very cool. Looks like I'll be coming back to your blog often. You've got a great style. More please!

Ken Chandler said...

Yup, the only picture in existance of the rare and elusive Butterflump. The cost was high, and the risks were great, but in the end I got the image I wanted. It was worth the effort.

Thanks Seth. It's great to hear from you. I hope to post often, and of course you're always welcome back.

S.T. Lewis said...

I love the Butterflump! If you don't get an "A" on this, your teacher's an idiot. I'd like to see what kinds of characters the rest of your class has designed... yes, I certainly would. This is great, Ken.

Ken Chandler said...

Thanks Shane, you inspire me to work harder. And the whip across my back doesn't hurt either (metaphorically).
My professor is a bit of a bone-head, but he means well. He's taught me a lot, so that's compensation.
As I'm sure you're aware the rest of the class doesn't bother doing homework. They're already at the top of their game. No need to work when you're the best, right?

Manuela said...

oh and this one
:D Reeally expressive