Monday, January 11, 2010

Action Stickmen® Revisited

Those of you who have been long time visitors (thanks Mom) will recognize my brand of stickman. I call them Action Stickmen ® (yes, they're Registered, 2007). This character is simply called 'E'. Her powers are highly classified.  

I've decided to upgrade my Avatar.
Sure makes me look like a grouch, but maybe it's a good look for me.

Shout out to Rob, Joanne, Em and Chase. You know who you are.


Nasan Hardcastle said...

Probably the coolest drawn stickman I've seen in a long time.

Ian G Beck said...

I like your work a lot Ken - great line work on all your characters. Have to say my favourite is the little Octopus from the 'Weiner' image.

Great stuff!

tinylittlesandra said...

So much character in a stick man! Great stuff ken!

tinylittlesandra said...

Cheers Ken, I'll be back often too :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

oooh these guys are RICH!!! They should have their own spot on the Cartoon Network. They are wonderfully imaginative and fun! Two words for you, SUPER COOOOOOOL!!! Yes indeedy. Thanks so much for your very kind words left at the blog. I really truly appreciate them. You will never ever know how much. I am humbled by them really. Glad you like the bears. I will be coming around again for sure.

Robert said...

Go Stick Men! These are great Ken. I'm impressed that they are registered.

Abz said...

great stuff goin on here!
Drop by for a visit...let me know what you think of my art. :)

Marcelo Vignali said...

Us bloggers need a yearbook for old avatars -- because I get so used to seeing them for my friends that I miss them when they get changed.

It's not about making a better looking avatar, it just the familiarity aspect in how I identify everyone. As such, when I changed my avatar, I kept the same theme. It probably sounds silly, so maybe I'm just sentimental.

Your avatar is funny, and well done. It even reads much better than your old one. I guess I'll just have to get used to it. Good job.

Ruminant said...

Geniales tus trabajos, excelente blog, volveré, un abrazo!

A.J. Bell said...

Yessss! Love me some good ol' classic Action Stickmen ® plus Knife-Ninja Racoon.
Fun stuff Ken

ReevesReel said...

Back atcha!

- Rob

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Who would of thought all that cool gear can be worn on Action Stickman!?!

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