Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sketch Challenge-Day 2: Battle Cry

Not sure what he's yelling, but I think it'd either make me cringe or snicker. In my minds ear I hear an angry "GRONK!". I really shouldn't laugh at his battle cry. I'd be offended if he laughed at mine.


GhettoFab said...

Hahahah whoooo hoooo! More post more often?? Im dreaming! Its like Christmas

Glad that your doin this Ken. The more the merrier! Diggin all the monsters

Keep on keepin on!

Hans said...

Hey Ken,

Haha, if you think that one was lame, just wait and see till I post some of the others!:p

Great creatures!! Love the designs and style, very fun and appealing in a monster kinda way.


R.Dress said...

hehe yeah I can see that, or a squeaky wheezy sound=)