Sunday, June 22, 2008

Toon Club: Tiger

Since it's Sunday I was feeling sentimental... so here you go.

Sorry for the Copyright stuff on my image. With the new Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act and The Orphan Works Act of 2008 Bill #H.R.5889 being considered for law, I figured I'd better protect myself.


Euphrosene said...

Hi Ken - I don't think you did protect the image. I just did a right click and saved it (don't worry - it was just to check!)

Ken Chandler said...

Thanks for the insight euphrosene. All I can do is put my watermark, and Copyright on it. I've added my blog address too, so people know where to find me if they need to contact the artist.

Part of the problem with Orphan Acts is that it gives people at least part... ownership of the piece if they can't find the artist to contact them (me). So I'm doing what I can. I know it won't stop people from 'snatching' artwork from mine, or anyone elses site, but it might protect us in court (should the need arise).

Euphrosene said...

Thanks for the fuller post and I think we may be singing from the same hymnbook, Ken.

Although I am based in the UK, I signed the petition and joined the Facebook group, and have posted twice on my own blog about the potential issues for all creatives:


And here:

I found your blog because I set up a google alert to 'do my bit' to raise awareness.

Cheers Euphrosene

Ken Chandler said...

I'm glad there are people, like yourself, who are taking an active role, Euphrosene. I'm also trying to do what I can to make people aware of it. I'm very concerned about how the art industry will be affected if this bill becomes a law. And it will be affected-- in a very destructive way. This is how I make my living, and this Orphan Works Bill threatens to take that away from me and my family. I realize that sounds melodramatic, but that's the way it is, for all artists, photographers, etc.

At any rate, thanks for your efforts Euphrosene. I sincerely hope the bill never becomes law.

Heather Dixon said...

Awww cute tiger

Brandon Waltman said...

This makes me fuzzy inside. Great tiger and "awe" moment.