Monday, July 16, 2007

Snape is a Death Eater

On the eve of the release of 7th and final Harry Potter book I wanted to go on record stating with some certainty that Snape is a Death Eater.

My theory is based on the way he treats everyone around him-- with loathing. Snape loves the Dark Arts, and talks about Voldemort with something near reverence. When Harry calls him by his name, Snape tells him to shut up. Snape himself refers to him as "The Dark Lord".

As further proof of Snapes allegiance being with Voldemort, I cite the following:

During his meetings with Harry in which he attempts to teach Harry Legilimancy. Harry asks if Voldemort can read their minds at that moment. Snape tells Harry that he cannot because... "The Dark Lord is at a considerable distance..."

How did Snape know this? Unless he knew Voldemort’s location?

Later, he comments, "You seem to have visited the snakes mind because that is where the Dark Lord was at that particular moment. He was possessing the snake at the time, and so you dreamed you were inside it too."
"How do you know?" said Harry urgently. "Is this just Professor Dumbledore guessing, or...?"
Snape responds, "It is enough that we know."

How did Snape know that the Voldemort was possessing the snakes mind at that moment unless he got this information first hand from Voldemort himself?

Later, Harry, reflecting on his dream about the snake attacking Mr. Weasley, asks what’s in the department of Mysteries?
“What did you say?” Snape asked quietly, and Harry saw with deep satisfaction that Snape was unnerved. “And why would you ask such a thing?”

Why would Snape be ‘unnerved’ that Harry would ask about the Dept. of Mysteries, and dodge the question unless he knew that Voldemort was searching for something in it? And didn’t want Harry to stumble upon the truth?

I believe that this conversation between Harry and Snape is very revealing about Snape's true character, and where his allegiance lay.

In roughly 24 hours we'll know the true story of the fictional character. It should be interesting.


Ailene said...

Be sure to spill the beans! :)

GhettoFab said...

Im gonna read this post after I read the book...

Anonymous said...

yes well i think we all figured snape was a bad guy. particularly after what he did at the end of book 6. anyway i'm betting harry's gonna die.

Alikins said...

already well into chapter 8 of the 7th book, i'm just gonna say, nothing at all. I will, however, give a slight, approving head nod :)

snape is very misled and feeling that revenge against the son of the man that always humiliated him will cure what ailes him. we shall see won't we? we shall surely see ...

oh, and, thanks for putting the whole play house idea into my head. now i'm all geeked up to build and design one for my daughter! :)

just kidding. the idea has been in there for ages! i just thought i'd make you feel guilty for a split second :) heehee

Alikins said...

i just finished book 7 ~ it's fantastic!
as for snape . . . we all may have misjudged him :)

Ken Chandler said...

I finished "Deathly Hallows" yesterday and I don't want to give anything away. No Spoilers on my site. At least not for a few more days-- maybe a week. Give people a chance to read it first.

Ailene said...

Ken, will you email me spoilers? I haven't read the series... only seen the first few movies. Jared is keeping up with it... but not me so much... I'm one of those party poopers who wants to know the spoilers without reading the book. :)

Sharae said...

I read the book in 2 days, what a shocker, i never thought it would flip like it did. Fantastic book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!