Saturday, May 27, 2006

Carpenter-Ape (click on image to enlarge)

I'm back with another rare discovery. Amazingly enough there is a cross-breed of Mountain Gorilla and Carpenter-Ant called "Carpenter-Apeius Creepeus" also known as "Carpenter-Ape" for short. This bizarre creature is found only in deepest Africa where it builds elegant structures once thought to be the work of the native men of that region. This one-of-a-kind picture was taken on June 17, 2002 while I was traveling through Africa looking to get a life. I never found one.


Hans said...

lol wow, this is a rare discovery!!! I'm wondering how you "came up" with this....should I be worried???
Great character and interesting imagination!


Ken Chandler said...

Great reaction Hans! That made my night. Okay, the jig is up. I made up this critter and faked the photograph. Caught red handed!

For Toon Club, we were supposed to create a mixed breed. The animal was supposed to be 2 or more animals mixed into one. I had several ideas that I was playing with including: Flyger (fly/tiger), Mankey (Man/Monkey), Donkey (donkey/monkey), Girape (Giraffe/Ape), and my favorite Venus Flytrap (Woman/Flytrap). I'm partial to Gorillas and haven't drawn one in a while, and thought drawing an Ant/Ape would be a challenge. Turned out pretty weird. Maybe I should have gone with the Girape. Next time perhaps.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

This really caught my attention. So is he Ape sized or ant sized. With that Mug, I am not sure it matters. Very cool.

Ken Chandler said...

Princess, he's the size of an Ape, with the strength and work ethic of an ant. Set for world domination he is!

Adrian Ropp said...

Ken, I was just reading the blogs late at night because I couldn't sleep, and I laughed out loud at your text for this. I don't know how I missed it before. I also don't know how I missed linking to your blog from my site, but that should be fixed now as well. Now I'm only two months behind everyone else.


Ken Chandler said...

Greetings Adrian! Glad you went back over the archives. Loved your note, that made my week (people laughing out loud does that to me). Thanks too for linking me, I'm very honored. Thanks for the trust, and the confidence in my work. I'll try not to screw up badly.